395 Migeon Ave., Torrington, CT 06790
LaMonica's Roots

The first of the LaMonica family to set foot in America was Angelo LaMonica who was born in Sicily. He arrived at Ellis Island in 1907 and immediately moved to the Midwest where, in order to earn a living, he worked at slaughtering cattle. He met his wife Maria, who was also born in Sicily but they didn’t know each other until they met in America.

The couple later moved to Connecticut where they had several children, among them, David and John. In the 1930’s David and John owned and operated a wholesale fruit, produce and Italian products business in downtown Torrington. This required weekly trips to New York City to purchase products. In 1949, David’s future wife, Attilla Persechino, moved here from Italy and wound up living on the same street as the LaMonicas. In 1953 they were married and began to raise a family.

Then, the Great Flood of 1955 totally destroyed their business location which caused them to move the business to their current location on Migeon Ave. In April 1975, after 40 years the long hours took their toll and John suffered a heart attack which changed the family business forever. One of David’s sons came to help in the family business until his younger brothers finished school and were old enough to work together.

In Sept 1976 they opened a variety store with a small snack bar in addition to the grocery business and were operating the two businesses at the same time. Sadly, in December of the same year, David also suffered a heart attack and 6 months later they closed their grocery business to concentrate on just one business, the variety store. Their mother was never involved in the business until David passed away but she was the glue that held the family together while they recovered from their loss. Even today, she continues helping out, mostly with advice and counsel as the business continues to thrive.

With everyone’s help the catering business and restaurant that exists today was born but they didn’t realize it at the time. As it turned out, David’s sons, Angelo, Joe and Tony were always “good with food”, and it seems that the Good Lord knew what plans He had for the LaMonica family.

The year of 1979, turned out to be the beginning of their very popular catering business. It started with two weddings of friends. Each one asked if LaMonica’s would cater their bachelor parties. The parties were very well received and several of the guests at those parties later requested LaMonica’s to cater events for them and it grew from there.

Now, 30 years later, the new generation of the family is involved as Tony’s children help with both the restaurant and the catering business. Many of those original families and their extended families are still using LaMonica’s catering services for all sorts of functions such as wedding showers, bachelor parties, holiday office parties, baptisms, weddings, etc., and the restaurant continues to flourish as well. One of their most popular and most requested items is their fruit baskets for which they have won well-deserved praise from everyone.

Over the years the entire community has enjoyed LaMonica’s Catering. They now serve not only individuals but many local businesses and government agencies, such as:
Marine Corps League
Pasta dinners to support individuals and school organizations
Church programs with Fish Dinners
Northeast Utilities
Judicial agencies
State and Local Government offices